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Thx for the help w/ the casting call. W/ ur help we got a great Host! U rock! Aka best photo n H-twn.

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LaKrew was founded in 2006 by some innovative creative minds.  It was born out of a necessity to try to change the industry for the future!

About  Us

Casting Calls

So many companies never truly listen to their clients that why some companies have a failed rate of customer retention.  Our staff is only concerned about you & your company… and how to make your Brand better!

We’re here to Listen to your Needs then Create a Solution

Our events are original,creative and fun in nature.  We strive to be unique with every event and usually host it for a good charitable cause.  Such charities as Miracles My Way, Helping hand, Gardener’s kids, Red, One and many others.  We believe in helping others achieve what they can’t by themselves! A great Team is everything!

We also create the occasional event…

We always strive to be creative & original as to set the bar high.  We always striving to come up with creative ideas that look towards the future.  In this aspect, we help our clients reach toward that goal as well!  

We were one of the first companies to use Social Media as a platform of communication & marketing.  We infused marketing strategies with various industries to form a company like no other.  Now, our company claim to fame is often imitated but never duplicated.



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